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Broomieknowe Golf Club is a parkland course founded in 1905 and located in the heart of Bonnyrigg, Midlothian just a few miles south of Edinburgh. The fast-draining sub-soil helps to ensure that there are very few days when the course is not open and the tree-lined course is a test of all golfing abilities.

A gentle par 4 to start your round, but the shot must be straight to avoid trees left and right, leaving a short iron to the green.

Another short Par 4. A drive and then a medium to short iron to the green, but beware of the bunker crossing the fairway on the left to catch the miss-hit tee shot.

The third hole is a slight dogleg from left to right. The tee shot must avoid the trees on the right leaving a mid-iron approach.

A lovely hole, dog legging to the right. The Drive must be in left side of fairway to have a clear shot of the green, which is guarded on the right by a large cedar tree. Only hole on the course with no bunkers.

A beautiful downhill par 3 of 167 yards to a large green. A green you can easily hit but may leave yourself a long putt!

A dog leg par 4 of 401 yards. The shorter hitter must play left of the trees leaving a long second to a well guarded green. The longer hitter can cut the dog leg by driving over the trees on the right leaving a mid to short iron.

This is probably the hardest hole on the front nine at Broomieknowe a long par 4 of 468 yards. The tee shot needs to be the right of centre to enable you to get a view of the green, leaving a long second played downhill.

The 8th hole is the only par 5 on the course. The tee shot must miss the fairway bunker on the right hand side of the fairway. The second shot will be played up short of the bunker guarding the front of the green leaving a pitch, so judging the distance to the pin is essential. The bigger hitters will be able to hit the green in 2 shots – a definite birdie opportunity.

A par 4 of 350 yards, the tee shot must be played short of the burn crossing the fairway. The second shot is played uphill to a two tiered green but beware the pond on the left which gathers the wayward shot.

A good par 4 to start the back nine. Tee shots must stay away from the plantation on the left. An uphill mid iron second shot to a green which slopes sharply from left to right, avoiding the bunker to the right of the green.

The second of the par 3’s is 183 yards long requiring a mid to long iron, to a well guarded green.

The 12th is rated the hardest hole on the golf course and quite rightly so. The drive must be straight, between two sets of trees leaving a wood or long iron second shot which must carry a dip in front of the green.

Another good par 4, dog legging to the left. The drive is played between the trees leaving a shot to the green which is semi-blind, some 8 feet below the level of the fairway.

The 14th is a par 4 of 408 yards. The tee shot is played uphill away from the bunkers on the right side of the fairway, leaving a mid to long iron to a green guarded by bunkers to the left and right.

The 15th is the last of the par 3’s. A mid to short iron shot which must carry the bunkers to the front of the green.

The last 3 holes at Broomieknowe can give you the chance to finish your round with a good score. The 16th is a short par 4 of 297 yards. The drive must clear a big tree on the left of the fairway, and avoid bunkers and out-of-bounds on the right.

The drive at the 17th must be straight, as bunkers await to the left and right, leaving another short second shot to the green.

The last hole at Broomieknowe requires a good tee shot over or through the gap in the trees (which get bigger every year). This leaves a short iron to a green guarded by the bunkers left and right.

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