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Broomieknowe Golf Club
The course is open. Greens Aeration: Monday/Tuesday next week Greens are showing some recovery from the damage caused by the hard frost and sudden thawing. The main issue was that as the greens thawed quickly, the build up of water deoxygenated the upper soil,suffocating the grass roots and causing them to wilt. There are a few greens with this issue but it is more noticeable on the 11th and 13th greens. To try and aid recovery we have sprayed the greens with a mixture of nutrition and plant acids today, and are planning to carry out a mini-core, over-seed and light top dress to all greens starting Monday morning. We are hoping to take advantage of this short window of good weather with the forecast favourable and temperatures looking mild. There will be little to no disruption to greens once they have been dressed and brushed, but to allow staff to carry this out undisturbed there will be some Winter greens in operation early on next week. Regards Greenstaff

We are an inclusive club, providing a quality golf course for all ages and abilities, excellent clubhouse facilities for the wider community, and a welcoming environment for all to enjoy.

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